Bar Bao: best hash? HA!

Since this was just taken yesterday I've finally caught up! Woo.

NYmag's the best of NY came out recently and they said the "BEST" hash was at barbao... I really beg to differ.

I love daikon.. and the little bits of cake that were diced beneath the pork belly were delish. The hash was too sweet, too salty and too... meh.

I ordered the daikon rice cake (hash) which has duck confit, an hour poached egg, duck bacon and sweet soy.
I also got an order of the pork belly and didn't see a bit of red cabbage anywhere (but it was deliciously fatty)
I got the raved about duck fried rice and that was mmmm.

The pictures show all three piled onto my plate since it was my first meal of the day. I had the leftovers for brunch this morning. The first picture has mostly fried rice and pork belly and the second has pork belly and hash.

As I left I saw the cards for the place and remembered that I'd also seen them when I was at Baoguette (which disappoined me in bahn mi land tremendously). /sigh

Bar Bao
100 W 82nd St
New York, NY 10079
(212) 501-0776