Sushi Yasuda... eh

So I got their takeout and can't directly compare an order of takeout to an omakase, but I can do take out to take out.

For the same price as that huge thing of sashimi at Umi sushi (and a lil bit more). I got this.

First, the salad.

The salad looks delicious upon first glance. Upon first taste it was very salty. Instead of the normally sweet sesame ginger dressing this one was quite salty.

Then there was the crunch.

After taking a few chopsticks-full of sushi I looked in the bowl to discover these little fishy larvae creepy-if-you-think-about-what-you're-eating-too-long things.

I ate it anyway. meh

Now onto the sushi and sashimi.

I was so excited to get to them that I kinda forgot to take a picture till I'd cleared out a roll and 2/3 types of sashimi. I'll leave you to imagine the beauty of an untouched box.

So... I've also decided that I like it when the restaurant gives you their house soy mixed instead of the little packets of red Kikoman that are too salty to put near rice. I didn't use much at all because of this and it was harsh if I missed the fish and hit the rice.

The wasabi was grainy which I guess means rustic and homemade, but to me it was a little gritty on the tongue.

The ginger was very fresh.

The rice was excellent.

The fish was very fresh and tasted like it should. I didn't expect anything less.

I'd still rather go to Asabu for as much seared otoro, Spanish mackerel and salmon as I could eat.

What's with every upscale sushi place having something that stares me in the eyes?