blizzcon recap

So I'm back from California and all in all I had a great time!

Blizzcon was full of the kind of people I tend to avoid walking down the street, but I got to meet a few of the ones I tolerate and play the game with on a daily basis.

Blizzcon also had its share of people who need to wash their clothing before they put them on and stand in a line next to others with working nostrils, really.

There were also a lot of costumes around. I didn't take many pictures because I was lazy.

I got to play Diablo III and the Witchdoctor class is extremely overpowered. They announced the Wizard class which I also got to play. I'm in love with the game and I'm even more in love with the t-shirts the devs were wearing which had this graphic on the front (Someone pleaaaase sell this t-shirt. We wants it):

I got to see the cast of The Guild, a lot of the arena tournaments and truly enjoyed the concert at the end. Patton Oswalt was very funny and Video Games Live rocked.

Level 80 ETC is coming to NYC for the Wrath launch so I'm hoping to check them out and get devs to sign my copy of Wrath!

I haven't had time to play the beta much, but I'm sure I'll have fun.