bite me Delta

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comDelta can suck my nonexistent wang. They decided to change my reserved-since-August return flight seat to a "will assign at gate" so Sunday night in Cali I go up and talk to a few people managing to get a "exit window" seat. Why.. oh why... now I know why this particular seat was empty.

When I got to the seat and we were in the air I noticed that the window/door had a very, VERY bad draft.

So the left side of my body was frozen in the early morning as I tried to sleep for FOUR HOURS and change.

I put one foot in my bag and the other one in the bag that held the flimsy blanket I'd draped over my legs. I had my hoodie on with the hood up and my hands under the blanket and STILL shivered like a crack fiend.

I think I got a cold and to add insult to injury when we finally got to NYC we had to wait while something came to push the plane back because they moved up too far. That added another 15 minutes time to an already messed up flight.