grease and groupons - park slope chipshop

So the wonderful thing about Groupons
is that Groupons are wonderful things....

...unless you get them for a place you don't normally go to in the middle of Brooklyn.

Not only do you not visit this part of Brooklyn regularly, but the Groupon expires in 2 days and you have TWO of them.

So you end up going to this place two days in a row: once for dinner and then for lunch on a gloriously warm and sunny day.

Since I planned to go back on Monday, the Sunday night we went there I decided to try the sausage and chips.

I saw Myers sausage and, for some reason, thought of the delicious Elgin sausage from Texas instead of what arrived on my plate.

It was ok. It was not what I was expecting and the fried batter around it tasted better than the actual meat.

The chips were awesome, as always.

The funny thing about this chip shop is how un-bar-like it is compared to the one on Atlantic Avenue.  It was brightly lit at night.* The tables were decorated the same and there were similar posters on the walls but that's where the similarity ended.

The next day I headed over from the Woolworth Building downtown ard realized that the N only went there on the weekend because of scheduling so I waited for an R.

It was much nicer in the afternoon, though unseasonably hot outside, so I got a ginger beer and salad instead of chips to cool me off.

This is the plaice. I like plaice; it's an unassuming fish. It sounds pleasant. It tastes a bit like flounder's saucier cousin that goes out late on a bender once a week.

Oh, and that thing up top? Twice fried cherry pie. There is nothing quite like getting powdered sugar up your nose when trying to bite into something  repeatedly.

*This is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to a place I like to eat at nighttime, besides the apocalypse or running out of the fish I want.

gramercy tavern & how I almost got sick before the meal started

So I love bread and I love butter, right?

Gramercy Tavern has awesome bread while you wait, right?

Well we went there for our anniversary on the 18th and I lovingly slathered soft butter all over a piece of bread. I sprinkled a pinch of sea salt they provided and then I began to devour this piece.

Moments later I had that feeling.

Y'know, the feeling you get when you're allergic to something and you get nauseated?

The feeling of saliva rushing from the depths of your mouth to flush it clean of the offending item. The feeling I hadn't had since I ate a raw almond offered at a Hindu temple in high school.... yeah that one.  It hit me full force and nothing on the table could cure me of the feeling.

And I still don't know what it was. I refused to experiment lest I get sick and not be able to eat anything.

After I ran to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out with water I felt much better.

Now onto the food.

For starters I had the special which was lamb with corn, roasted baby peppers and these cute little tomatoes I forgot the name of.

He had the paparadelle with lamb ragout which looked mouthwatering, but he said had too much swiss chard. I ate what he didn't.

For the main course he had the hanger steak with fingerling potatoes, red Russian kale and bourbon sauce.

Lots of kale, not too many potatoes. I ate the kale since he's not as fond of it as he thought.

Now onto my main course... you're going to frown at me when you find out what I ordered because I let out a deep sigh once I saw it in front of me.

I got... the meatball.

It's just one huge meatball and I think I might have enjoyed the ones I got at the meatball place on the LES better.

The potatoes were the best part.

I made up for it with dessert.

He got the chocolate pudding with salted caramel brioche croûtons.

I got the apricot bread pudding with sour cream ice cream and caramelized white chocolate. I also got one of the croûtons as garnish cause he's cute.

I wasn't too enamored of the ice cream but the pudding and caramelized white chocolate combined with it to make something amazing happen in my mouth. It almost completely erased the memory of my nausea earlier.... until I crunched down on one too many hazelnuts.

230 Fifth: Sometimes I take pictures of people too

So this summer, and pretty much for a year now, I take pictures for a friend who happens to be a clothing designer.

Csilla Somogyi has awesome events at different bars/clubs around the city to get her brand name out there.

The first event I went to was at Libation and I had just got my new toy (my rebel XSi so I wanted to bring it just to take pictures of something). The rest is history.

On Monday a little corner of the rooftop of 230 fifth was saved for an "intimate" gettogether of about 50 random people I mostly didn't know. This was sponsored by Grey Goose. They had a lot of different drinks made with vodka. My favorite was the iced tea one with lemon vodka in it. There was a lemonade with pear vodka one that the guys seemed to like and one with  cranberry in it that was a pseudo cosmo on the rocks. There was also one with cherries in it, but I didn't get to taste that.

I also managed to spot the wonderful bartender of Oz that works at Klimat. It really is a small world. Of course no one else with me remembered until I said "Australian bartender," so wamp wamp to that.

People ate and (mostly) drank, but free is free so there was plenty of both.

I handed out a few moo cards, but I'm shy with people I don't know so I suppose I should get better at that. Everyone who saw them said they were awesome. :D

So they have food at 230 Fifth. It was ok. I was kind of underwhelmed.

They had chicken strips (a little dry) with this yummy barbecue sauce that was the best thing of the night.

There were curry puffs that needed  sauce because they were 1) too dry and 2) not so flavorful without it. Both the chicken and the veggie ones were meh.

There were shrimp and pork wontons that were ok and served in the little soup bowls. It just made me go get real soup dumplings down in Chinatown yesterday, though.

There were sliders... these are NOT sliders.. these are big square wads of meat with thousand island and pickles and stuff on a too thick bun. You can't slide this anyway but into a napkin and onto the bus boy's tray.

Anway, getting people to stand together is like herding cats and nothing like taking pictures of food that will, at worst, melt on you.


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breslin, I didn't mean to forget you

I went on a mission a few months back to try the sister restaurant to the Spotted Pig at the Ace Hotel named, simply, Breslin (we're ignoring Bar and Grill for creative floofy purposes).

I went by myself for a lovely brunch of the irish breakfast with a side of baked beans.

I also, at around 11 something in the morning, partook of a spiced agave nectar margarita that was delicious.

It's a shame I haven't been back since. I end up there and then people convince me to go elsewhere.

Anyway, I took these pictures so I figured I might as well post them. :P

I'll do you justice soon, my piggy proprietor.

The tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs were perfect. The beans were too hot for me to eat at first and then I got full. I took them home and enjoyed them later.

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dessert delivery to stay

I was home sick and feeling blech and so I met a friend in town from Boston for a sushi lunch.

Afterward I suggested we go to this little place because I always pass by it on my way home and never went in to check out the desserts.

This little shop is so cute with a ton of different offerings in all sizes.

We settled for two things.

 I  got the mini strawberry shortcake. This was really just a bunch of perfectly sweeteened whipped cream that glomp hugged a piece of cake and happened to pass by a few strawberries. It was so good!

My friend had the raspberry chocolate ganache and had to fight her way through the ganache to get at the cake and get bits of it onto the fork and into her mouth.

The ganache was super rich, but very yummy.

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