230 Fifth: Sometimes I take pictures of people too

So this summer, and pretty much for a year now, I take pictures for a friend who happens to be a clothing designer.

Csilla Somogyi has awesome events at different bars/clubs around the city to get her brand name out there.

The first event I went to was at Libation and I had just got my new toy (my rebel XSi so I wanted to bring it just to take pictures of something). The rest is history.

On Monday a little corner of the rooftop of 230 fifth was saved for an "intimate" gettogether of about 50 random people I mostly didn't know. This was sponsored by Grey Goose. They had a lot of different drinks made with vodka. My favorite was the iced tea one with lemon vodka in it. There was a lemonade with pear vodka one that the guys seemed to like and one with  cranberry in it that was a pseudo cosmo on the rocks. There was also one with cherries in it, but I didn't get to taste that.

I also managed to spot the wonderful bartender of Oz that works at Klimat. It really is a small world. Of course no one else with me remembered until I said "Australian bartender," so wamp wamp to that.

People ate and (mostly) drank, but free is free so there was plenty of both.

I handed out a few moo cards, but I'm shy with people I don't know so I suppose I should get better at that. Everyone who saw them said they were awesome. :D

So they have food at 230 Fifth. It was ok. I was kind of underwhelmed.

They had chicken strips (a little dry) with this yummy barbecue sauce that was the best thing of the night.

There were curry puffs that needed  sauce because they were 1) too dry and 2) not so flavorful without it. Both the chicken and the veggie ones were meh.

There were shrimp and pork wontons that were ok and served in the little soup bowls. It just made me go get real soup dumplings down in Chinatown yesterday, though.

There were sliders... these are NOT sliders.. these are big square wads of meat with thousand island and pickles and stuff on a too thick bun. You can't slide this anyway but into a napkin and onto the bus boy's tray.

Anway, getting people to stand together is like herding cats and nothing like taking pictures of food that will, at worst, melt on you.


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