grease and groupons - park slope chipshop

So the wonderful thing about Groupons
is that Groupons are wonderful things....

...unless you get them for a place you don't normally go to in the middle of Brooklyn.

Not only do you not visit this part of Brooklyn regularly, but the Groupon expires in 2 days and you have TWO of them.

So you end up going to this place two days in a row: once for dinner and then for lunch on a gloriously warm and sunny day.

Since I planned to go back on Monday, the Sunday night we went there I decided to try the sausage and chips.

I saw Myers sausage and, for some reason, thought of the delicious Elgin sausage from Texas instead of what arrived on my plate.

It was ok. It was not what I was expecting and the fried batter around it tasted better than the actual meat.

The chips were awesome, as always.

The funny thing about this chip shop is how un-bar-like it is compared to the one on Atlantic Avenue.  It was brightly lit at night.* The tables were decorated the same and there were similar posters on the walls but that's where the similarity ended.

The next day I headed over from the Woolworth Building downtown ard realized that the N only went there on the weekend because of scheduling so I waited for an R.

It was much nicer in the afternoon, though unseasonably hot outside, so I got a ginger beer and salad instead of chips to cool me off.

This is the plaice. I like plaice; it's an unassuming fish. It sounds pleasant. It tastes a bit like flounder's saucier cousin that goes out late on a bender once a week.

Oh, and that thing up top? Twice fried cherry pie. There is nothing quite like getting powdered sugar up your nose when trying to bite into something  repeatedly.

*This is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to a place I like to eat at nighttime, besides the apocalypse or running out of the fish I want.