breslin, I didn't mean to forget you

I went on a mission a few months back to try the sister restaurant to the Spotted Pig at the Ace Hotel named, simply, Breslin (we're ignoring Bar and Grill for creative floofy purposes).

I went by myself for a lovely brunch of the irish breakfast with a side of baked beans.

I also, at around 11 something in the morning, partook of a spiced agave nectar margarita that was delicious.

It's a shame I haven't been back since. I end up there and then people convince me to go elsewhere.

Anyway, I took these pictures so I figured I might as well post them. :P

I'll do you justice soon, my piggy proprietor.

The tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs were perfect. The beans were too hot for me to eat at first and then I got full. I took them home and enjoyed them later.

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