mini sweet corn pancakes wiiiiith... BACON... bacon bacon bacon

buttermilk calvados crepes with fresh strawberries in syrup

cream scones

swedish pancakes I L U

blueberry mascarpone pie with ritz crackers?

drunken cake attack

ginger snaps

junior's original cheesecake recipe

let them eat cake!

mile high lemon meringue pie

not yo' mama's banana pudding

mac and cheese with beef and pancetta

ricotta and the search for the perfect gnudi

cooking slow by necessity and Dreamfields pasta

baked soy garlic wings with rice wine and honey

buttermilk soaked fried chicken & sweet potato fries with brown sugar, lemon and butter sauce

honey ginger lemon chicken and salad

pan seared strawberry balsamic duck breasts and Buitoni quattro formaggi agnolotti ravioli

san bei ji, taiwanese three cup chicken

dis is my pernil, let me show u it

pork chops in a mustard curry sauce over red beans in coconut rice

hamburgers with swiss and cripsy salami

skirt steak and fried italian eggplant

short ribs with tomatoes, butter beans and calvados

steaky nachos

porcini mushroom risotto with lamb chops

creamy corn polenta, sauteed shrimp and asparagus

fish and chips @ home.. a salt and battery style

fried soft shell crab

jerk shrimp, Spanish rice and spinach

lemon, garlic and cilantro scallops

more polenta! this time with spanish mackerel

paula deen's crab cakes

birthday & leftovers

simple shrimp scampi

shrimp pad thai

wolffish brabant with mustard greens

breads & pizza
late, but still delicious: almost homemade pizza

no knead bread #iforget

pizza pizza

vegetables & beans
creamed corn with green peppers and salt pork

curried chickpeas with cheddar

stuffed artichokes

succotash without the suck...

potato skins