Cook Out NYC [Giveaway!]

This post is sponsored by Cook Out NYC ™

Ahem, ahem.... let me clear my throat. *DJ Kool breakdown*

I.... have a last-minute,  first-time giveaway.*sniff* I think I popped another food blogger cherry milestone.

The people over at Cook Out NYC ™ have graciously provided me with two VIP tickets to Cook Out NYC ™ to give to one lucky sonomagun that reads my blog or tolerates my tweets. :P

Here's the lowdown. (I figured if I said here's the skinny I'd be misrepresenting myself AND the post.)

On July 7th and 8th Govenor's Island will be overtaken by a swarm of hungry foodies. Join us!

I missed out on the press preview due to something called my "I have to workout because I want to look good in general and for my wedding and oh my God when did I become that person? Am I an adult now?" crisis that leads me to train 3x a week nowadays.

How to enter:
Send your most creative tweet to @cookoutnyc and @mumblepurr at the same time by 11:59 pm Wednesday, July 4th, and I get to choose ONE winner for this weekend's event.

Something like "I promise not to pet @mumblepurr @cookoutnyc this weekend because she might stab me with a pen," could work, but won't because it's mine and it's true.

Bonus: If you were thinking of going anyway and don't win get $5.00 off your ticket by entering "BlogOutNYCon this page.

It's the featured event of July Good Beer Month. So don't miss out on some seriously tasty brew.

Drink great beer (Sixpoint), eat great food (BBQ, burger cookout, a kimchi eating contest, hot dog competition) and support causes like Just Food's Farm School.

These people look like they had fun last year:
Images courtesy of Sebastian from Cook Out NYC

I'll see you there come rain or come shine but not hail, locusts or tiny, crunchy frogs.


I put up this spiffy little post in return for two free tickets to CookOut NYC from Jackie over here.  I also like actually writing about food things instead of saying that I'd like to write more about food things and then playing another hour of Diablo 3.  No babies were punched, or even threatened with a punch, in the making of this post.