i am milk

(to the tune of Milk by Garbage, photo of a piggy sundae @Farmacy in BK)

I am Milk
I am oh so tasty
I am cream
Taste good whipped on pastry

I am cheese
slice me, melt me, bite me
I'm lactose
and M can't tolerate me

I loosen,
I loosen your poo
I make you
act like you're not you

I even clog up your ears toooooooooooo.....


I have a love, hate, love, loathe relationship with all things dairy.

If I had my way, Chrissette Michelle style, one day I'd wake up and be able to consume as much dairy goodness as possible without feeling like I'm about to have a cold.

I'd not have to substitute various nut milks that never come close to the real thing when I'm feeling particularly  health conscious.

I'd enjoy my morning frosted flakes without breathing all weird at my workout in the evening.

Anyway, due to things beyond my control I'm having a little issue with my latest set of photos or else they'd be what this update is about.

Milk, it does a body pbpbpptppbpbptptht.