late, but still delicious: almost homemade pizza

Take one kumato tomato that you bought for a salad and find out that you don't have any canned.

Chop it coarsely and place in a pan that's been bubbling with butter, onions, garlic, oregano, thyme and basil.

Let it get saucy.

Take one tiny package of ricotta di bufala and use about half atop a pizza crust you got from Fairway because you simply don't have enough room to roll out anything.

Top this with a whole package of mozzarella di bufala that you got from Murray's along with the ricotta.

Add a sprinkling of a 4 cheese mix you had leftover from D'agostino.

Sprinkle with oregano.

Pop in the oven till warm and bubbly.


Wait about a week and forget that you didn't post this. Post it.