I think I might not like to eat whole fried things

So I made soft shell crabs, whitebait and fries and I dunked them all in the hot oil of my cocotte-cum-deep fryer.

The whitebait I got from Wild Edibles. I've gotten bad shrimp from them before, but the mussels I had from there were spot on so I gave them a try. These fishies were bitter. Me no likey too much after the inital omgcrunchy taste.

I got the crabs from there too. They seemed more lively than the ones at Pescatore.

The fries are my favorite frozen bag kind: Nathan's.

It's becoming harder to find them, but I gotta good supermarket source that's only about 9 blocks and an avenue away from me. :D

Now the problem is I get a little queasy when I eat these creatures whole.