buttermilk soaked fried chicken & sweet potato fries with brown sugar, lemon and butter sauce


Soak the chicken overnight in a mixture of buttermilk, garlic powder, cayenne, salt, pepper, ancho chili powder, smoked paprika

When ready to fry, fill pa pan with flour, add salt, pepper, cayenne, a lil bit of oregano, adobo, and garlic powder to the flour and mix well. Lay chicken piece atop flour and dust with flour around each piece to evenly coat.
Let sit at least 15 mins, dusting any bits that turn moist.

Fry till done.


cut up garnet yams into long strips, dunk in ice water till ready to fry, remove from ice water, pat dry, fry for 2 mins and remove from oil. Let cool to room temp, fry again till golden.


butter, brown sugar and the juice of one lemon. heat in saucepan til combined, add a swig of heavy cream and whisk.