indulgent ippudo

So I've been apartment hunting and that's really, really stressful.

I decided to treat myself to a dinner I've been waiting months to go try.

I've always heard the lines are ridiculously long at Ippudo and they were for the common people.

Ok, I kid, I kid!

Really all you have to do is go in by yourself or maybe in a duo and say you don't mind sitting at the communal table.

Arriving after people told the wait was over an hour and 45 minutes long, I got sat right away.
I knew what I wanted. I knew what I craved.

I've read all the yelp reviews. I sorta knew what my tummy could handle.

I got the shrimp fritters with mayo, the pork hirata buns, and the akamaru modern ramen with extra pork belly.

I plowed my way through the appetizers and stopped dead short midway through the ramen. My tummy could not take it anymore, oh but it wanted to.

Instead, I finished off with a light and delicious annin sweet tofu with fresh fruit on top. It tasted like cream and coconut milk and yummy goodness.

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