a blt prime valentine

We went here for a late dinner on Sunday at 10pm. They were running late with reservations so we started out with two drinks at the bar. He got his usual captain and coke and I got a halfhearted mojito... eh.

We were seated downstairs in this cozy little nook... except we were seated next to one of the most annoying tables of people I've ever been unlucky enough to sit near.

They.. and by they I mostly mean one woman who happens to share my first name... were loud. She cackled.

All the other couples tables around this large table of 3 couples together quietly went about their business. I mean it was a virtual United Colors/Sexual Preferences of Benneton ad downstairs with one big glaring mistake dead center.

Anyway we order and enjoy the toast (I ate all the chicken liver that came with), the popovers (he devoured quickly) and bemoan our pretty consistent luck at being sat next to loud people.

Our appetizers arrived. He got the oysters. I got the foie gras. The foie gras was perfection. The salad beneath it a lil too salty for my taste but it had a nice acidic squeeze of lemon on top to cut the richness of the liver.

I tried one of his oysters and they were deliciously briny, but I was in organ heaven with my foie gras and wouldn't have missed those at all. They were quite good though!

We got two sides with our meal. I chose the blue cheese tater tots (which I actually didn't eat till the next day, but were so good I'm gonna have to recreate the recipe). He had the artichoke heart with fondue (which I didn't try cause I was super full).

I ordered the lobster that was supposed to come in a buttery sauce with somethingorother but what I could taste most was... fish sauce. I like fish sauce. I wasn't expecting it, but it worked. The lobster tail was perfectly cooked. Not even a hint of rubbery-ness anywhere.

I tried a bit of his flatiron and, to be honest, it tasted better than my lobster but I DID go to blt prime, not blt lobster.

If we hadn't wanted the same cut of meat I would have gotten a steak anyway. Next time, Gadget, next time.

So I'm full and somewhere in the middle of this I've ordered something called sparkling kisses and it tastes like fizzy cough syrup so blech. It looked pretty for something pink, though.

He had the prix fixe and that came with a few dessert choices. He got the brownie with caramel ice cream and it was a great choice.

They gave out two complimentary desserts to every table that night.

One was raspberry ice cream sandwiched between white chocolate hearts drizzled with dark chocolate. This looked better than it tasted, but who can pass up ice cream. I'm more of a fan of melty white chocolate than cold white chocolate on ice cream.

We also got chocolate petit fours.

By this point I forgot to take a picture of the desserts so you get what was left.

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