lucali we meet again

Went here again last weekend for only the second time and loved it!

... once we got our seats, that is.

I know the drill, you go up and you get told there's about an hour and a half wait and it's TRUE...

but wait, it isn't this time, it isn't true at all.

You're sitting in a tapas bar on Atlantic avenue enjoying some sangria and stuffing your mouth full of warm bread slathered in butter and you get the call.

"Your table is ready?"

Wuh... it's only been 45 minutes!!

....SHIT.. you stuff the bread in your mouth even faster and get the chorizo you were going to linger over to go then hoof your sangria laden tummies over to Lucali... and THEN..

the wait...

Apparently the people that had our table had paid when they called but they sat... they sat their annoying asses down at that table for another half hour taking bird sips out of a glass of wine and talking about bullshit that could have been spoken about somewhere else.

C'mon people.. you know the deal, you KNOW in a place whose waiting list can fill up in 30mins-hour in the summer that you have to eat your food and get your ass out of the place.

You paid, you leave.. please leave, please don't leave me sitting on a cold bench glaring at you through the window.

You don't want that.

I don't want that.

I wanted to throw something at you but the glass was in the way.

If I'd pressed my nose against the glass would it have made you move faster?


A table of two arrived after us and got sat because we were still waiting for you.

Enough of my ranting.. onto the food.

We got the artichoke pizza that day and it was deeelushious... Thinly sliced pieces of artichoke heart with that slightly vinegary bite and buttery smooth texture made it perfect.

I'd picked up a bottle of Riesling and good thing because by the time the two... ladies.. left the table we were going to sit at I'd lost my sangria buzz.

A sangria buzz is a terrible thing to waste and I spent it fuming outside the restaurant while a group of people outside discussed Gour MET... food. I wish I was kidding, I hope they were.

Ooh, you know I said I'd stop ranting. We got a pepperoni calzone to go and my bf took it back up to Buffalo with him. He tells me it was delicious. I side eye my phone....

Hah, but really love this place.

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