veselka... let the beet continue

So I just realized as I went to make this post that I had a whooooole lotta beet food yesterday.

After my schnitzel lunch I decided to call Veselka in the East Village for a Ukranian food fix.

I ordered the super meat combo platter which had stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, 3 types of pierogi (meat, sauerkraut & mushroom, potato), soup (I chose borscht), andsalad (with a great dill vinaigrette). I also ordered the raspberry cheese blintz appetizer to make it a full piggy experience.

Hoofed it down to the EV from work and picked up my haul. Then I strolled lazily up to the UWS stopping by Sunrise Mart on 9th for a lil Japanese treat fix.

This was a HUGE amount of food for the price. If I hadn't got the blintz I would have been under 20 on the whole thing!

I tried the salad first. I spotted the ample amounts of dill in the dressing and was wary because I hate dill, but it was delicious.

The borscht was amazing! It had tender chunks of meat inside and a few beans and was perfectly tart and savory at once.

Then I opened up the meat platter and put the beet relish on top.

Note: I almost put the raspberry sauce on top because they look awful similar, but I'm a fan of tasting/smelling things before I commit my food to it. Problem averted.

Now this was a mixed bag. I like the garlicky bite of the sausage but the thing that stood out most for me was the sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi. It tasted buttery on the inside and not too sour.

The meat pierogi was a bunch of tasteless mush and the potato one was kinda cold, very plump and very meh.

The stuffed cabbage was ok, but it suffered some of the same fate of the meat pierogi.

Even though I was stuffed I ate every last bit of the blintz after dousing it in raspberry sauce and sour cream.

I'm such a piggy I forgot to take a picture of that.

So when I go back I know to just get an order of fried (the ones I had were boiled) mushroom and sauerkraut pierogi with a cup of borscht.

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