I'll have a little weiner in my schnitzel

So I've been seeing Schnitzel Truck (Schnitzel and Things) tweet for a few months and finally bit the bullet. They were parked at 27th & Park which is only two stops away from my office on the 6 train.

They had veal yesterday and I felt like veal yesterday. It worked.

Anyway I called ahead for my order then took a detour to the bathroom and ended up taking long than I'd thought to get down there.

When I got out of the train station I noticed Pamplano was boarded up. I guess I won't get a chance to try their ham sandwich afterall.

Anyhooo I strolled down the block (actually around in a circle cause I thought they were on Madison at the time) and picked up my haul.

Rushed back up to my office and opened it up. I'd got the veal in a platter with the austrian potato salad and the beet & feta salad.

A HUGE thin piece of veal covered almost the entire container. I had to cut it in have and part the meaty goodness to show the sides underneath for the photo. Bonus for large portions.

I <3 the beet salad. The potato salad was ok. The veal was tender, but not flavorful enough. I got the scallion, ginger whatever relish but didn't end up using it.

All in all I'd probably not go back because while it was good, I'm picky about my fried meat that's been pounded to a crisp and I can make better. Also I'm entirely too lazy to make a trek like that for something that should be wolfed down almost immediately after getting it. The fact that it had cooled by the time I got back to my office probably hurt the flavor a bit.