blue ribbon sushi

So I had Tuesday off and decided we'd go to blue ribbon sushi.

I demanded we have the hamachi kama and after he tasted it he knew why. It was delicious, though a bit too salty for him (not for me! mwahahaha!) I'm a lemon fiend so I craved more lemon to squeeze over it. (There were two other pieces but we swooped before I remembered to bring out the camera.)

Next we shared a sashimi & sushi platter which only had 2 roll choices? Seriously?!?! 2? It was just spicy tuna and California roll. I was disappointed. Even Hatsuhana around my office has more choices for rolls that come with your selection.

I saw that they had poached lobster on the menu and was hoping it was just a bit because I wanted to try the miso butter but wasn't quite hungry enough to have a whole lobster on top of the sushi. Wrong.. so we asked them to put some of the butter on two lobster sashimi (it was cooked), but not only did they not do that: the lobster was rubbery.

Everything else in the set was awesome though. I ordered an o-toro sushi piece and the waiter recommended something to him that I've completely forgotten. It's right between the o-toro and the lobster in the picture though.

We had the green tea creme brulee for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture.

He ninjaed most of the sugar on top anyway.

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