aburiya kinnosuke fish lunch

So after the sushi on Tuesday I wanted more kama. I tried to find it at Aburiya Kinnosuke near my office, but it was not to be. They had a fish lunch special with mackeral cooked on the robota, fried oysters with tartar sauce (um this was egg salad, guys), rice, miso soup, this yummy potato salad thing and this other veggie thing (radish maybe?) that was pickled with sesame seeds on top.

I adored everything but the main bit, the mackerel. I don't know if it was just a bad piece but mine was grossly overcooked. I could not break it apart with my chopsticks so I had to let my fingers lend a hand just to get bite sizes pieces of the near-jerky like mackerel. It came with a nice spicy dollop of something and the little lemon triangle which is almost impossible to squeeze without shooting it across your tray.

The oysters were HUGE and delicious. The "tartar sauce" was egg salad and kinda bland. I'd have liked more of the pickles from the potato salad.

I did get to watch the two chefs out front preparing things for other patrons. That was fun. For the rest I mostly fiddled with my iPhone as I was eating solo.

After the meal they gave me square mochi with a caramel sauce and yummy warm tea!

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