Defonte's of Brooklyn by way of Manhattan

So I read about this place in NYmag and decided to give them a shot.

I picked up a #34 (see above) which is the roast pork special for lunch earlier this week and added a #1 for lunch the next day.

It was really good for a deli sandwich. I liked the little crispy piece of eggplant. The eggplant that was supposed to be on my other sandwich too. The eggplant that was completely missing from my sandwich the next day. Two people made my sandwiches. The lady on the #1 gets a -5 for leaving that crispiness out. This sandwich was better than the #34 if you prefer cold sandwiches.

I tried to ask the guy making my #34 for some of the pan juice from the pork on the sandwich, but all he did was clarify, nod and wrap up the sandwich. -_-

#34: Pork hero with hot roast pork, swiss, fried eggplant and hot salad

#1 Nicky Special with ham, capocollo, salami, fried eggplant (sigh), provolone, hot salad, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar

I will say that the cold cuts taken separately were nothing special. I ADORE Genoa salami... and this salami was bland when I ate a piece from the last part of the sandwich I couldn't finish. It had little to no flavor and it was mushy.

I really need to haul ass to Parisi one of these days.

Oh, before I forget. The macaroni salad? It smells better than it'll ever taste. Pass.

Defonte's of Brooklyn
261 3rd Ave
(between 21st St & 20th St)
New York, NY 10010

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