lazy day cooking

Sometimes I get lazy, but I still want to "cook" so I'll fudge a little.

Tonight I was really tired and cranky after seeing a mouse in our office again. So I went and got a jar of Prego organic tomato and basil.

In a small pot I rendered some oil de piggy from a piece of salt pork then cooked a small onion till translucent along with 3 cloves of garlic.

I added a pound of ground beef that was left over from taco night earlier this week and cooked that as well.

In went the Prego, a bay leaf, some ground pepper, a squeeze of a honey bear and a splash of... tequila (don't judge me).

I had some thin spaghetti so I managed to boil that without forgetting about it and running off somewhere. Then I sprinkled a generous amount of Parmesan on top.