a day on 72nd

I had a gift certificate to any participating Spa Week spa and chose Ettia spa since they offered a discount on their 30 minute facial and massage ($50, normally $75 for 30 minutes).

They were very lovely and accommodating there and my esthetician Minori told me what I already knew: I have GOT to stop messing with any blemish on my face. It makes them a kabillion times worse. I got a wonderful massage in a warm room and then my face, upper chest and shoulders were lavished with attention by Minori. I made another appointment for Spa Week since it'll be $50 for 45 minutes then. Maybe I'll get some extractions... o_o'

Anyway after that I did a little shopping. First I went to Banana (they're having a sale) and got a sweater. When I walked a block off I checked the receipt and realized that particular sweater wasn't 30% off like the others. I didn't like it that much. I strolled on down to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up some cookie sheets and a scoop. I plan on making chocolate chip, cinnamon & pecan cookies and some raspberry & blueberry thumbprints for my trip to Blizzcon.

I walked all the way back up, passing by and into Banana to return my 30 minute sweater, and stopped at Gray's Papaya.
Now it may not look like much because I had them packed to go and stuffed at the bottom of a bag till I got home, but these two little delectables were yum. Gray's is one of my go-to hot dog spots, but this one is a PASS for their drinks as the last banana one I had tasted like sour ($#*(. This is at the one on 72nd and Broadway.

A little further east on the same block is a cute little bakery named Grandaisy! I've had some of their bread before and enjoyed it a lot. Today I spied with my little eye a "panini dolci" plate full of little somethings.

This one is chocolate and cream cheese.

I'll leave you to drool.