Grandaisy's not so grand sometimes

So I went back to Ettia spa for Spa Week and thought I'd hop over to Grandaisy and try the zucchini pizza this man got the last time I was there.

It looked really good (and so did the plain slice simply covered in tomato which was quite yummy), but tasted ever so bitter.

Maybe the zucchini were a little ticked off about the cold weather setting in. I'll give them another chance some day.

I also went to try Sal and Carmine's pizza on 102nd and Broadway. It's supposed to be the best plain ny slice in the area...

When I got there I had high hopes. After all two men behind a counter with a mound of dough next to them and a bunch of congealed offerings in the display case is what NYC is about, right?

Well.. I took that baby out mid walk home and bit into it...

SO SALTY. Too salty to even have a picture taken.

Maybe the dough was having a bad day too.

So, for now, if you go to Grandaisy get the plain tomato pizza and if you're going to Sal and Carmine's hope that it's not too salty. I was so glad I didn't order the pepperoni after that first bite... and I adore salt.