c is for cookie and p is for procrastination

So I made these cookies for Blizzcon, but forgot to take any of the thumbprints I made so I'll be making more this weekend.

These are chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon and pecan. They were a hit!

I started out with this recipe:

Then I added cinnamon to taste, more vanilla, more chocolate and pecans.
OH ... I thought they came out a bit too sweet and I used dark brown sugar instead of light. So lower the amount of white sugar you use by about 1/4th cup at least.

I fail at measurements.

I've got a few food pics from the past few weeks, but not enough as I've been ...

eating out and also not taking pictures.

Places I've been this week:
Bombay Frankies
Shake Shack
Hill Country BBQ
Burger King

Place I will go sooner rather than later:
Artichoke Basille for pizza nirvana.