chocolate and vanilla bean swirled marble cake

Aaaand I'm back.

Here's a cake I made today. I gave part to my parents and I'm about to bring a piece to the hospital for the nurse that helped my dad a lot these past weeks.

First you get the vanilla batter with a bit of lemon extract and vanilla beans swirled in.

Then you get the chocolate with some scharffen berger bittersweet folded inside

Then you dump em in your pan and cut through it with a knife.

Then you wait for it to bake and take lots of shots of it for no reason. :P

catching up and a little hiatus

I'll be back in a few weeks to start up posting again but here's a few things I made since my last.

rainbow swiss chard and bean sprouts in a garlic & soy butter sauce over fried brown rice: 

Meat "gravy" with spare ribs, meatballs and italian sausage over rigatoni. I eventually turned this into a baked rigatoni dish with ricotta and mozzarella cheese on top.

Peach cobbler cake with a healthy dash of rum and  brown sugar, pecan and peach layers baked in:

Chocolate cupcakes with ganache frosting. Callebaut and Guittard chocolates were involved. They like each other.

Till then. =) 

drunken cake attack

Ok, not really, but I do have 3 loaves (for people) and one bundt (for me) getting sloshed around the apartment. Here's hoping they taste good.

Short ingredient list besides the normal butter, flour, egg nonsense:

green and red glace cherries soaked in rum and Baileys for a week then blended to a thick paste
Callebaut bittersweet chocolate melted with butter
Guittard akoma extra semi sweet chocolate chips
Callebaut white chocolate callets
ron Zacapa centasomething rum
chopped walnuts and pecans
nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon from penzeys
pernigotti cocoa powder
half a bottle of tawny port
I'm not even going to add up how much that all was. I'm just sayin this better taste like angels singing to me.