drunken cake attack

Ok, not really, but I do have 3 loaves (for people) and one bundt (for me) getting sloshed around the apartment. Here's hoping they taste good.

Short ingredient list besides the normal butter, flour, egg nonsense:

green and red glace cherries soaked in rum and Baileys for a week then blended to a thick paste
Callebaut bittersweet chocolate melted with butter
Guittard akoma extra semi sweet chocolate chips
Callebaut white chocolate callets
ron Zacapa centasomething rum
chopped walnuts and pecans
nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon from penzeys
pernigotti cocoa powder
half a bottle of tawny port
I'm not even going to add up how much that all was. I'm just sayin this better taste like angels singing to me.