yeah sooooo.... life is busy

...but I try and post things so here goes.

Late nights of work and school work and guilt work and marathon sessions of series on Netflix I never watched when they were current have taken up my life. Its' amazing and horrible and wonderful and insane and leaves me longing for a little normalcy.

What's normal anyway? Is keeping this blog focused solely on food an excuse for me to not post since I haven't done anything particularly food-y in a while? Maybe.

So I say the hell with it and as long as I keep posting about something maybe it'll transform from a delicious albatross hanging from my neck into something I can cultivate better.

That said, I was a busy not-so-little bee this summer and shot my first wedding for a friend of a friend in Central Park.

I was super nervous and the day was super hot. It was a balmy summer afternoon with the distinct promise of rain that never came. I did this for a pittance as I often seem to do since I like to do things for people if it makes them happy and I feel good enough to step outside on a weekend (more often than not I turn into the Weekend Hermit to take a break from it all).

Doing things like this helps me figure out what I'd like to shape my hobby-life into... different flavors of photography are as important as different flavors in dishes.

Yellow is a very happy color. I like looking at these pictures to remind me of the warm summer before things started getting hectic again.