hello, hello, hello... is there anybody out there?

I know I've been awfully, terribly remiss in posting, but I'm heading to Techmunch  NYC today where I hope to pick up some tips to kickstart my blog again. I've been D3 inferno-mode busy these past few months (went to london, got engaged, almost done with school yadda yadda), but I did manage to take a couple of pictures.

Might be moving to Wordpress, might not... this here blogger interface looks mighty purty compared to the last iteration.

some pretties:

deliciousness from Laduree London (still haven't been to the one here)

ok, just a taste. I'll post more later.

Oh and I crawled out from under a rock and discovered John Legend's amazingly beautiful fiance also knows how to cook/eat amazing things.  You can all bonk me later for not finding this out sooner: http://sodelushious.com/

also.... I totally got attacked by  my bathroom window in the shower on Monday so I'm still sporting a forehead scar (longer story than I feel like writing now).