simple shrimp scampi

This is really easy to make. I made enough for at least two days.

2lbs shrimp
8 cloves garlic minced 
half a head of parsley
1 stick of butter
olive oil
gin (yes, gin, I didn't have any dry vermouth on me)
the juice of 2.5 small-medium lemons
pinch of smoked  Spanish paprika
dash of Hungarian paprika
salt and pepper to taste. 

Rinse your shrimp and  lay to dry on paper towels while you melt the butter in a large pan. 

Add a glug or two of olive oil as the butter melts and heat until bubbly.

Add your shrimp either a bit at a time or all at once and remove the fully pink ones to a bowl then set aside.

When all the shrimp is cooked add the minced garlic and parsley till the garlic is golden brown. 

Pour a generous amount of  gin into the pan. 

Add the lemon juice and spices.  Cook till bubbly and reduced (basically until you can discern the oil from the rest of the mixture since most of the liquid will have evaporated).

Put the shrimp back into the pan and coat with the sauce.

Serve over warm pasta. I used thin linguini.