taquito flavored kisses

These I made a long time ago, right after Christmas. I used the chicken that I made broth for the dumplings with to make these flautas.

I probably seasoned the meat like this:

ancho chile powder
chili powder
soy sauce
Arizona dreaming (penzey's seasoning mix)

Anyway the hardest part of these things is the "traditional" way of dipping the tortilla in the hot oil to soften them enough to roll. My fingers disliked me immensely afterward but it wasn't too hard.

Using tongs you can dip them in the oil for a few seconds then lay them in a pile on paper towels.

When they're cool enough or when you're tired of waiting you place a tiny bit of filling close to one edge and roll it inward.

I used two toothpicks per flauta because with one sometimes an edge would come loose and  there'd be little chicken bits floating all around.

Cook until crispy and serve topped with cheese. I popped the plate in the oven for a little bit just to melt the cheese a bit more.

You can also add a bit of crema to the plate if you like.