So we did end up scoring some delicious eats at maialino on Friday and boy am I happy I chose this place for my (belated) birthday dinner.

The bread basket was tasty and refilled quickly for us. I especially liked the little cheese sticks and the focaccia with rosemary

And now to the porky goodness

We started out with prosciutto di parma and fresh mozzarella

We also had the fried artichoke. My boyfriend didn't like the dipping sauce thinking it overpowered the artichoke so he used the plate of olive oil to swirl the deliciously tart morsels in. I loved the sauce.

the main event:
We got the maialina al forno for two. Delicious bits of roast suckling pig cooked over tender potatoes infused with porky goodness.

This was fricken awesome.

We got sugar snap peas with prosciutto to go with , but we didn't like them as it seemed like there was extra sweet peas added in and something felt off.

The pork, though, was so excellent.

I told my boyfriend I could eat pork skin every day and be happy and he told me he'd like to grow old with me so I should probably reconsider that..

but the skin! *drools thinking about it* It wasn't hard and toothsome, but crisp and melt in your mouth tender at the same time. Dear lord please let me be able to recreate this some day.

Big ups to our server who slipped in a roll of ciabatta with our leftovers so we could make our own porchetta sammich. I wish she'd slipped in some more skin. >_>

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