fish and chips @ home.. a salt and battery style

So I decided I didn't like trekking down to A Salt and Battery everytime I got a fish and chips craving for a few reasons:

1) sometimes they're out of the fish I want
2) I always end up taking their chips home and refrying them to my liking
3) maybe I want to use my own fish.

So I googled fish and chips recipe ... lo and behold there was a web article from the CBS Morning Show about the chef at A Salt and Battery where he gave a great batter recipe using Boddingtons and seltzer.

I used grey sole from Pescatore downstairs in the Grand Central Market and Yukon Gold potatoes for the chips.

I do declare I like mine much better cause it has that home made taste!

Sorry the picture came out fuzzy. I think I'll be fixing these point and shoot camera issues verrrry soon.

*cue evil laughter*