wolffish brabant with mustard greens

I passed by Pescatore downstairs in the Grand Central Market and decided to be adventurous. This piece of wolffish was one of 3 new types of fish I tried.

I saw a recipe on CHOW that involved endives and potatoes and was sold.

Earlier that day I'd made mustard greens flavored with bacon. I got them both at the Union Square Greenmarket.

My supermarket didn't have Belgian endive so I used what they had.

I separated about 4 medium endives till they were all just leaves and sliced 2 yukon gold potatoes very thin.

I put the endive in the pan first with a generous pat of butter and sauteed till they were wilted.

Putting more butter in the pan I added the potatoes and cooked them till they started to form a nice golden crust on the bottom.

I didn't have shallots so I used wonderful garlic scapes. I also didn't have white wine on me *gasp* and since I didn't want to use red I used a good slug of Calvados instead.

I also added a turbot fillet (#2) to the pan to have something to eat at lunch the next day. It broke apart but was delicious anyway!