this little piggy was spotted

I had all week to decide where I wanted to go for my birthday on the 2nd and it took me till 3pm to go "hey, let's do the Spotted Pig."

I'd wanted to go for ages and this desire was re-sparked when I read a mention of their gnudi in a fluff magazine article about Mandy Moore in NYmag.

The avid yelper/researcher that I am, I'd read that in order to get a seat you had to arrive around 5:30. So we did..

We were seated in a cozy little nook on the second floor that overlooked some lucky person's lush backyard.

To start I had a mojito (of course). Mike (the indulgent boyfriend) started off with a speckled hen.

I went down the list and picked what I'd wanted beside the gnudi.

I got the chicken liver toasts, gnudi and the crispy pig's ear.

Mike got the burger and a side of sugar snap peas with black mint (this mint didn't look black, idk)

Anyhoo onto the food.

The chicken liver toasts came first and the bread was dripping with luscious olive oil. A huge mound of chopped chicken liver was on each piece. I mmed at the first bite and made him try some which he wasn't too pleased about.

Next up were the gnudi...

Oh gnudi...

Lovely gnudi...

If I could go here every day I would get these each time and swoon anew.

They were perfectly tender pockets of seasoned ricotta served in a decadent butter sauce with fried sage and a little red drizzle as garnish.

Words probably cannot describe how delicious these were.

I've been telling everyone I know about them. That's about as close as I can get.

I scoured the web looking for a recipe for them and came up with a Gothamist post that I will try, but I still want to know what they put in the sauce. If Mandy Moore can learn the recipe for these little pillows of deliciousness, surely a dedicated foodie should be allowed the honor?

I chose to have the pig ear arrive alongside Mike's burger.

It was served with a yummy little salad with lots of lemon segments that balanced the fatty, chewy piece quite well.

I made Mike try this and he complained it stuck in his teeth to which I replied "eat something else and it'll come out."

It did.

As you can see I barely remembered to snap a picture of this (and this will be a trend for some of the next photos of the night).

Here are Mike's burger and shoestring fries.

I got to taste both.

The burger was moist and covered with just enough roquefort to add great flavor.

The fries were awesome. They have little slivers of fried garlic and rosemary mixed in. I nabbed about 65% of the garlic from his plate.

Even though I'd managed to upend half of the peas onto the couch we were sitting on (I'm sorry!) the bits we got to eat were quite delicious.

For dessert I'd asked our server (who was also awesome, by the way, but I forgot her name. She had longish brownish hair. I realize how descriptive that was. :P).. ahem I asked our server if they did birthday candles since Mike wanted to make sure I got one. They did.

I chose the banoffee pie which is basically layers of banana, soft toffee and whipped cream with a tiiiiiiny bit of tart crust at the end.

I was almost done when I remembered to take a picture so I stuck the candle back in and here it is.

Mike had the chocolate, walnut amaretto cake. It came with a dollop of sour cream (which he hates) that went well with my banoffee pie.

This is what was left by the time I remembered to take pictures of the desserts.

We will definitely be back. In fact, this is the first restaurant (that's not a pizza place) that Mike has said this about without prompting or urging by yours truly.

Spotted Pig, I salute thee... now give up the gnudi.

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