the yummiest, most delectable asparagus and mini brioche roll can be found at Cipriani La Specitalia

No I did not eat them together.

I was running late during lunch and didn't want to go all the way down to Sophie's for some maduros and a sandwich so I stopped into the little side place of Cipriani that has a pretty good lunch special (if you like paying 13.50 for a large with free bread and water/soda).

They had these cute little stuffed peppers that were delicious. I got those, salmon and spinach ravioli in a butter sauce.

Now.. the salmon was served over asparagus and while I'm a fan you know that it can be hit or miss.

You can't really see it in the picture because by the time I decided to take it I'd devoured the mouthfuls that were easily accessible.

It was perfectly tender, buttery, with just the right amount of salt and the best part: not bitter at all.

So I'm stuffed after finishing this all, but there's buttery oil in the bottom of the plate

and I remember I had that bread...

and I like sopping things up...

so I pull it apart expecting a normal slightly dry brioche...

It was heaven.. completely light, almost as flaky as a croissant, delicately tender on the inside and properly salted.

So if you're around 42nd and Vanderbilt/Lexington...

and you feel like it...

go stop in.

I think that's the best bread I've had from them. Sometimes they have little foccacia.

The salmon and ravioli were just ok.

Apologies for the camera phone pic... I was so into the asparagus I forgot I had my camera with me!