wrap your food in dosa dough

So I was down near SoHo using some holiday gift cards and spending my life away when I remembered there was this little place I wanted to try around the corner (and a block) from Broadway.

Hampton Chutney Co is a cute little storefront with lots of yummy smells inside. That's normally enough to get me to walk through the door.

I picked up a #9 with jack cheese which is "Curry Chutney Chicken, Spinach & Balsamic Roasted Onion"

I carted it all the way home (with a bunch of bags) and filled each subway car I entered with the wafting smell of curry and cheese.

It was huge and it was good... really that's all you can ask for about some things in life. The dosa crepe was delicate and the mango sauce they included on the side went perfectly with the sandwich.

I forgot to get a full picture of it, but the thing was about as long as a good baguette so you're definitely getting your $9-12 worth!

There's one up closer to me on 84th and Amsterdam that I'll have to go to next.

Hampton Chutney Co.
8 Prince Street between Broadway and Lafayette

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