pizza pizza

So I'd just come back from a night out with the MM crew and around 1ish I got hungry (the place we went to had tasty food, but small portions and I wasn't really feeling what was left on the table by the end. Awesome horchata with rum though!)

I had bought some pizza dough a couple days earlier to use the rest of my spaghetti sauce on. I didn't wait the two hours for it to be room temperature so the dough and I fought till it would stay spread out in the pan (I won!)

I put the sauce on top, some mozzarella, oregano, pepperoni from Vermont Smoke & Cure that I cut up, some cheddar and a sprinkling of Parmesan. I also added olive oil to the bottom of the pan and drizzled some on top when it was done.

Now I get to have it for lunch today!