DiFara Pizza

This is it...

This is my holy grail of cheesy goodness.

Like all quests for the "perfect" anything the way is fraught with peril, doom and despair.

To get this little slice of heaven you have to

  1. Trek out to Brooklyn (Avenue J and 15th or so)
  2. Wait an hour or more for your pizza to come out
  3. Observe every single person before you getting their pizza
  4. Worry whether the person behind you that ordered the same thing as you will try and get the pie before you
  5. Watch as Dom pulls pies out of the oven using his bare hands that, by now, must be made of asbestos
  6. Stake out your claim at one of the little tables inside OR
  7. Go to a park nearby where strange men will come up to you and talk about your pizza, other pizza places in Brooklyn and ask for a slice.
It's so worth it... so very worth it.