wondee wonderful

Somehow I forgot to post these, but I went out to lunch in Hell's Kitchen with a WoW friend and I suggested we go to a Thai place I'd been meaning to try, Wondee Siam. I think there are about five of these, because the fifth one is up in my current neighborhood.

tom ka soup with shrimp (my favorite place for this, lime, coconut milk, galangal, mmm!)

haw mok (fish mousse with coconut milk in it, spicy)

something he got that i forgot the name of

mieng ka na (dried shredded pork with cashews and lime bits and deliciousness served with chinese broccoli leaves)

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m-m-m-my mojito

So I was browsing FoodNetwork's website and saw this super simple recipe for a frozen mojito. I think it's by Bobby Flay.

It just takes simple syrup, some mint, some lime and lots of ice (and rum!).

You make simple syrup in a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water and just boil it till it all dissolves and goes clear.

My roommate said she hated me because my mojito came out way better than the ones she'd made for a party then asked me how I did it. It was damn good and the rum was cheap, but it's the best tasting cheap white rum I've had. $10 bucks for a bottle that size... how can you go wrong? How could you not want to get drunk off of that?!

I dunno!

pork chops in a mustard curry sauce over red beans in coconut rice

So I went to visit my parents on Sunday and took down the wallpaper in the bathroom for them. I decided to bring over some food too so I cooked 4 pork chops then made a sauce with onions, brandy, spicy brown mustard, a few dashes of sweet curry powder, chicken stock and thyme (with a pat of butter just cause). I garnished it with a ton of cilantro and had limes on the side to squeeze over.

This was placed over kidney beans (canned) that I'd boiled in a can of coconut milk with one pig tail, some hot pepper and a few other things. I added rice after the pig tail was cooked through.

I "plated" it in the tupperware I was taking over to the 'rental units.

I also brought along some "not yo' mama's banana pudding" by Paula Deen. This time I used these butter cookies in a tin from Rite Aid since they were there and on sale. Those are two words I really use a lot to justify my purchases.

Of course since the bottom said they were "made in China" (which I love things made from but freaked out about possible melamine contamination) I called a Rite Aid rep at almost midnight to ask if it was ok to use them.

It's ok. I already know I'm crazy.