Klimat photography #1: plump pierogi

The first dish I took photos of for Klimat was their potato pierogi. Plump, fried, little pillows of dough, potato and cheese took on a whole new dimension with a fun camera setup.  Yes, my little xsi gave its all and with the help of a nice 100mm lens we got it done!

 The sky was overcast but there was still enough light for my heavy, rented Adorama tripod and I to work together. I perched on the creaky wooden steps that led out back to the small yard and had a field day. Note to self: remember to bring chopsticks so you don't get food on your fingertips as you arrange it.

Oh, and by the way, I got to eat a whole new batch of pierogi plus some kielbasa when I was done. #smugface

klimat test run

So the day before my birthday (and the day the potatoes I won from TECHMunch arrived) I headed down to Klimat to take a few food photos. Here are the results of a quick shoot. The chef and I plan to do something more substantial next weekend.

The day was a little crazy. I rushed from work to the gym and then down to Klimat having been forgotten by the dude at Adorama who promised me my lighting equipment would be ready by that morning. When I called it was still in the warehouse. B&H I love you except on Fridays when you're not open as late as I'd like, but I understand. I'll never stray again.

This was the regular dip drizzled with olive oil:

The composition was off on this next one.  There's organic grilled chicken under there somewhere too!

 It was sweltering in the kitchen as I took these photos so my hunger was curbed by the need to not have a full tummy in heat, but afterwards I felt I should have noshed on something. It could have been the burger below.  Putting it on a pita was interesting. I like the flecks of parsley I can see on the meat. Dunno if it's the lamb or the beef one.

klimat connection

I'll be shooting some food pics @Klimat on the Lower East Side this week. A friend of mine who does interactive and digital marketing asked me to take some shots so I'm working ith the owner Peter to make that happen. 

Here are some pics from a few weekends ago along with some brunch photos at Hummus Place on St. Marks. 

This hummus was so good! 

changes are a comin

So I reset the template back to some sort of dynamic magic while I redesign the site. I got a new point and shoot (Lumix LX-5)  to take to events like GoogaMooga where they say you can't bring a camera with a detachable lens then end up letting people in with them anyway (maybe they had a press pass, I don't judge).

Anyway. Those oranges above and the umami burgers below were the two best (and almost all) food things I ate that day.

It pays to stick by the bartender as he's peeling oranges for super strong drinks so that you can eat them to keep your stomach from growling.